Log in. The Popjustice Forum. Starting with her Chic collaboration, Koo Koo, which earns some merit not least for living up to its title The single, Backfired is a tune and I especially love the Alien inspired video done on a Doctor Who budget The 2 Obvious ones are my faves. I live for this;. Rooneyboy , Sep 22, AshtrayHeart and Anthology like this. So many good ones.

Deborah Harry – Sweet and Low

GQ Editor Dylan Jones talks to Debbie Harry ahead of the release of her new autobiography, Face It, which explores her acting career and her complex relationship with fame, sex and more. In the late Seventies and early Eighties, Deborah Harry and Blondie were spending so much time in the UK, and were on television so often, it often felt as though they were British. Even though Harry was the quintessential American blonde, an ironic version of Marilyn Monroe, even though the band were about as American as they could be, Britain took them to their hearts and almost made them British.

They were so successful in Britain we almost took ownership of them. They were always on television , always in the music press and touring up and down the country. The privilege of access was not treated lightly by the band and while many US groups tended to be rather patronising towards the UK, Blondie embraced the country and its people.

That peculiar time when Debbie Harry became Deborah for a bit, roped After I Want That Man made a decent showing of no, it was time to try follow up single and crept into the shops quietly just as the Christmas rush.

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Debbie Harry details the horrendous moment she was raped at knifepoint in the 1970s

Like the quintessential New York girl that she is, Debbie Harry arrives at a West Side Manhattan rehearsal studio, running late, looking glamorous, and feeling frazzled. Come on, girls. This is the version of Harry that is familiar to most: the jaundiced, bawdy punk vixen—sexy, pissed-off, charismatic, and intimidating.

Face It: Debbie Harry Has Had A Happy and Lucky Life videos of Harry from the s and s, you have to concede the guy had a point. in the London Underground: no one wanted to actually see Debbie Harry being ripped to shreds.

The partnership between Blondie and producer Mike Chapman created a perfect pop record – and catapulted the group from the underground to mainstream chart success. In popular music terms, the s was a decade that swung wildly from glam, reggae, progressive and AOR to metal, disco, corporate, punk, new wave, neo-mod and pure pop. Featuring catchy songs often performed by talented musicians, the ‘Chinnichap’ formula certainly worked during the halcyon period of , when it accounted for 19 Top 40 UK singles, including five chart toppers.

And when glam’s sparkle had faded, Chapman then caught a second wave with his aforementioned solo productions. Not that the partnership with Chinn had ever really been about songwriting once the hits began rolling in. I was in a struggling band named Tangerine Peel and needed to do something to pay the rent. At the same time, Nicky was a regular customer at Tramp; a rich English kid with nothing better to do than go out every night and dance very badly.

After he told me he’d heard I was in a band and that he, too, was a songwriter, I took my guitar to his apartment in Mayfair and we set about trying to write together. I appreciate them now, but at that point, never having been much of an album buyer, I was more into great pop songs like the Archies’ ‘Sugar, Sugar’ and all of the Creedence Clearwater material; anything with a big old hook, guitars and a great beat.

I had to explain to him what it was all about while he’d sit there with a blank look on his face and ask me, ‘Have you heard the new Joni Mitchell album? I said, ‘I’m not calling him.

Deborah Harry – I Want That Man

Blondie started performing in New York City in Debbie Harry along with musical partner Chris Stein, long time bandmate Clem Burke, and a number of permanent, semi-permanent and short-lived band members have left their mark all the way from the Bowery to Havana. Now, with a long-in-the-works memoir Face It coming later this month, Debbie Harry is busier than ever.

All the singles and albums of DEBBIE HARRY, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-week Latest news about DEBBIE HARRY I WANT THAT MAN.

Debbie Harry photographed by Rebecca Miller. Unusually for a bona fide pop icon, Debbie Harry was already 33 when Blondie released their UK breakthrough album Parallel Lines in , and had even turned 34 when ‘Heart Of Glass’ was a colossal debut hit in the US a year later. In pop terms, the dynamic core of the group — Harry and her then boyfriend, the guitarist Chris Stein — were already neighing skittishly in the shadow of the glue factory when they hit paydirt.

And this ascent to fame goes from being improbable to downright astonishing when you cast your eye over Harry’s full CV. It seems unlikely that anyone attempting to tread in her footsteps would have any kind of life left to live by their mid-thirties. Born on July 1, in Florida to parents who gave her up for adoption, Debbie Harry grew up in suburban Jersey, where she spent her time formulating plans of escape and daydreaming that Marilyn Monroe was her biological mother.

Their one album on Capitol, released in , was produced by Artie Kornfeld, who was determined to earn some of that hippy dollar. The year after the record flopped, he got his wish, becoming the musical booker for Woodstock. Harry, meanwhile, became a barmaid at Max’s Kansas City in Manhattan where she met Andy Warhol and his retinue, served drinks to Janis Joplin and had sex with glam rocker Eric Emerson in a phone booth. As the 60s began to sour, so did her experiences. She got hooked on heroin.

She married a millionaire but left him a few months later. She became a Playboy Bunny. She moved into a Harlem drug den with a dealer and his armed gang.

Debbie Harry talks sex, coke and rock ‘n’ roll in new memoir

In terms of artists who have inspired others, you have to mention Harry. Prior to getting into music, Harry worked a variety of jobs — including as a secretary, a waitress and go-go dancer. One could not accuse the young Harry of lacking ambition. There was division when Kirsten Dunst was rumoured to be playing Harry in a biopic :. Dunst received a torrent of abuse from fans of Harry, lead singer of the group Blondie, who claimed that she lacked both the necessary acting and singing ability to play the s icon.

Dunst was forced to declare publicly that she had received the singer’s blessing for the role following campaigns to revoke the casting on internet message boards.

Deborah Ann Harry (born Angela Trimble; July 1, ) is an American singer, The first single “I Want That Man” was a hit in Europe and Australia and on the.

I love Debbie Harry. I always thought she was the perfect woman—gorgeous, incredibly talented and intelligent. Unfortunately her boyfriend, Chris Stein, was my best friend, so Still my admiration for her has never wavered. She was and is the best. Her life has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but Debbie still has the same great attitude and sense of humor, and she is still a fantastic performer and a brilliant lyricist.

She looks great too. I caught up with her at a photo shoot with Mark Seliger. He was wearing a Debbie T-shirt and he was in awe. And then it just took us a while to figure out the marketing strategy because we have an independent thing now.


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Record Label: Reprise. Edition: Promo, Style: Pop Rock. Produced By:: Thompson Twins Tom Bailey, Duration: Single. Genre: Rock, Artist: Deborah Harry.

By her own admission, NME Godlike Genius Debbie Harry has lived “a hell of a life” – and now she’s laying it all out in the table in Face It, an often jaw-dropping biography. In a candid interview, she tells Gary Ryan about her extraordinary life, Bowie’s penis, and modern femininity. Now her new autobiography reveals the — sometimes jaw-dropping — extent to which that was true.

Watch our video interview with Debbie Harry above. Experiences that would span chapters in other tomes are nonchalantly brushed aside like lint off a jacket. I love your T-shirt! It hit me in a lot of different ways! Her story begins in Debbie Harry, So it amounts to the same thing, I think — you know, fooling around, and trying to find friends who are boyfriends or whatever. For me, it was pretty much all fun and kind of naughty — which was great!

She laughs. No-one says anything. They head into town.

Debbie Harry Is Our June/July Cover Star

Like, in addition to being perfect, Debbie Harry is kind of psychic. Looking to join a band in lieu with a burgeoning bohemian Greenwich Village scene, Stein began playing guitar in The Stilettos and quickly became involved with one of the band’s singers, Debbie Harry. Eventually the two left the band to start ” Angel and the Snake ,” dubbed “Blondie” in after Harry’s nickname.

The first psychic event took place when she was three, right after her parents told her she was adopted. One day I started hearing voices coming from a brick fireplace my dad had built, telling me complex mathematical information. She laughed as I tried to verbalize what I thought I had heard because it sounded ridiculous.

This was the first single to be released from Def Dumb & Blonde, Deborah Harry’s third solo album. UK 7″ Poster Bag. Producer: Tom Bailey.

The video clip was also the first rap video ever to be broadcast on MTV, and Debbie looks amazing in every frigging frame. Well, now you do. Why does a Darth Vader-like creature appear in this video? And why is he spying on Debbie Harry in her apartment? And why do they all start dancing at the end? What we do know is that a this is a cover song; b it was originally recorded by Jamaican group The Paragons; and c the original version appealed to Blondie guitarist Chris Stein because of its unusual use of violin.

The Blondie version is a classic and awesome jam that radiates sunshine and good vibes — which makes the whole Darth Vader stalking aspect even weirder. Fortunately for music lovers everywhere, the horrible experience resulted in one of the catchiest songs of all time. Debbie, you nailed it.

Debbie Harry

This comes as a shock; both the day and the age she has reached. In the bar of her hotel, however, I have no trouble recognising her. She is still powerfully beautiful, a facelift in the late s having helped to maintain the outline of her extraordinary bone structure. Her large pale eyes, at once languorous and intelligent, hold you almost unblinkingly while she talks.

He’s playing it like a slide and the sound is something from beyond. Debbie Harry’s prowling the tiny stage singing, “I’m a little red rooster, too lazy to crow for​.

Debbie Harry is only a month shy of her 69th birthday. When Blondie first made it big, I figured we could get five years out of it, maximum,’ she said. I was trying to get across town to a party. And this guy had an incredibly bad smell to him. Then I started scanning the inside of the car and there was absolutely nothing. I fell out and nearly got run over by a cab. Ted Bundy: responsible for at least 30 homicides. I could so easily have been one his earliest victims. She often thinks how much she would have missed out on.

Playing Glastonbury [on June 27] is more special than most. I had no idea it would turn into such a journey. She left suburban New Jersey in the mid-Sixties, and arrived in New York with vague dreams of stardom, but it would take her more than ten years to make a mark. Pre-Blondie, she dabbled in painting, took a stab at singing in a folk-rock group and even worked for nine months as a Playboy bunny girl.

Along the way she dabbled in heroin.

Deborah Harry – I Want That Man (12 Inch Remix) 1989 – Vinyl